Jumat, 18 Januari 2013

Natural Born Lovers (2012) HDTV

Release Date : 25 October 2012 (Hong Kong)
Genre : Romance
Stars : Pak-yu Chan, Julian Cheung and Lit Wai Leung
Quality : HDTV

Inspired by a true story, it tells an implausible love experience with insanity. Popular pastry chef Tyler meets with nurse Bobo, and falls in love with her. Not too long after Tyler realizes Bobo is an oversensitive girlfriend: suspicious, jealous and controlling. She keeps track on Tyler’s whereabouts 24-7, and even secretly installs a GPS on his phone to spy on his private life. Tyler is desperate to get rid of his crazy love, but when he finds out the reason for her crazy behavior, his affection for her revives.



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